Studying Polymer Biomaterials

There are many ways to come work with us

The Polymer Biomaterials Group have been heavily involved in setting up both Chemistry Apprenticeship Degree Schemes and new one year Materials and Analytical Chemistry MSc at the University of Bradford. These new programs, starting September 2017, will give general training in a range of materials sciences including, but not limited to, Polymer Chemistry, Inorganic Materials, Supramolecular Chemistry and Nanoscience.

Research Placements

We have hosted many visiting PhD students and early career scientists looking to develop international collaborations. If you want to work with us to develop a collaboration please get in touch.

Study Options

We work closely with the University of Bradford to deliver Laboratory Scientist (Level 6) and Research Scientist (level 7) apprenticeship training opportunities to ambitious students who want to combine higher education training with on the job learning.

We teach several modules on both the Materials Chemistry and the Analytical Sciences MSc programmes at the University of Bradford, These exciting programmes are designed to train students in the most important advances in two important research fields.

  • PhDs in polymer science

We are always looking for ambitious students to study with us through postgraduate education. Funded PhDs will always be advertised on Any candidates who have their own sources of funding and looking for research partners should contact us directly.