Services to industry

Contact Details

If you’d like to discuss any contract research we can assist you with we now work closely with the University of Bradford Centre for Chemical and Structural Analysis. Please get in touch via their website and they will contact us with any suitable polymeric queries.

Research Funding

We are always looking for industrial partners in our research. If you are interested in any aspect of polymer or biomaterials research don’t hesitate to contact us regarding potential collaborations.

Contract Synthesis

We can provide a custom synthesis service for most previously prepared polymers and provide GPC and 1H nmr data as standard. We have particular expertise in: all types of radical and cationic; polyurethane; polyester; and ring opening polymerizations. We also have many years experience of the production of polymer latexes and polymer beads prepared by suspension polymerizations. Please contact us for more details:

Dendrimer, hyperbranched polymers, and dendritic systems

We can provide a custom synthesis service for a variety of dendrimers, hyperbranched polymers, branched polymers and dendronized polymers (linear polymers appended with dendrons or hyperbranched units). GPC and 1H/13C nmr data is supplied as standard. Please contact us for more details:

Spherical calibrants for GPC

GPC data is usually acquired using systems calibrated with linear polymers. This often leads to incorrect mass data being obtained for dendritic molecules, which are usually underestimated. We can supply GPC calibration kits specifically designed for the analysis of dendrimers and hyperbranched polymers. Please contact us for more details:

Telechelic oligomers

For many years we have worked on a unique way of producing telechelic oligomers (short polymer chains with functionality at one or both chain ends). We are now able to offer these materials for research purposes.

Mass spectrometry

Our laboratories are fully equipped with MALDI -TOF and electrospray mass spectrometers. We have several years experience of applying these techniques to polymer analysis and can provide contract analysis of your materials. Typical prices per sample including interpretation are £1000 per sample. However, if you require analysis on a regular basis we can negotiate an attractively priced package. Please, contact us with details of your polymers so we can provide a free feasibility assessment.