Polymer and Biomaterials Research

There is a broad range of research activities being carried out in in our laboratories, with a rich history of polymer expertise within the group. Whenever possible we prefer to publish in open access journals,  however sometimes when this is not always possible we will ensure our work is uploaded to free online repositories as soon as possible.

Research Spotlights

Highly Branched Polymers

We have developed a new synthetic approach to make open microgel polymer particles using SCVP-RAFT polymerisation. Stimuli responsive materials that respond to their environment in unusual ways.

Bacteria Diagnosis

One of the most exciting uses of our highly branched polymers are the way they are uniquely set up for biological interactions. Our work in this area is advancing to clinical trials on a brand new polymer platform that can diagnose specific bacterial strains for infection.

Controlling Cell Adhesion

We have also utilised a range of techniques to control the level of interaction between polymer materials and biological systems.

Interpolymer Complexes

As well as binding to cells and bacteria polymers can interact with each other in interesting ways. We have been developing advanced analytical techniques to study polymer solution properties and have cast serious doubts on some outdated models of polymer-polymer interaction.

This work has led to us developing new methods to measure polymer pollution in fresh water supplies.

Solution Properties

Discovering new fundamental properties of synthetic materials discovered over 50 years ago!

Polymer Analysis

We are passionate about developing and improving techniques to study polymer materials. Many polymers  are difficult to characterise and require specialist techniques.

One of our specialist tools is utilising quantum events to measure polymer size and shape in solution!