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History of the Polymer Biomaterials Group

We are formed of several active research groups at the University of Bradford: Our research teams are highly active – for a complete list of our activities see our news feed.

Professor Stephen Rimmer

Our research group is oriented towards polymer synthesis and bionanotechnology, with an emphasis on hydrogels, chemically and biologically active polymers and micro- and nano- polymer particles.

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Dr Thomas Swift

Research into polymers as functional materials. We focus on smart, or stimuli responsive, polymer systems with applications in a range of industries. Dr Swift has published original research exploring unknown facets of polymer properties.

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Dr Beverly Stewart

Dr Stewart is a computational chemist whose research focuses on polymer interactions. She utilises a range of scientific programmes with a wide suite of software applications to simulate polymer behaviour at the molecular level.

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Dr Maria Katsikogianni

Dr Katsikogianni is a polymer materials scientist with an interest in biological interfaces and surface functionalisation.

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Other Members

Current members of the Biopolymer Group

– Dr Richard Hoskins

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