Conference News

ACS National Meeting Fall 2019; San Diego

Dr Thomas Swift is representing our group at the ACS National Meeting in San Diego, providing several selected presentations and posters highlighting the diversity of our research.

71Fast measurements of hydrodynamic radii and intrinsic viscosity measurements of polymers via diffusion NMR
Thomas Swift
POLY division presentation

Highly branched, self-condensing vinyl polymerisation via reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer with a comparatively high initiator loading: Review of material properties
Thomas Swift, Stephen Rimmer
PMSE division presentation

Low resolution size chromatographs? The potential applications of diffusion ordered spectroscopy NMR in analysis of polymer size distributions
Thomas Swift, Stephen Rimmer
Analytical division presentation

Fluorescence measurement of macromolecules with broad dispersities
Thomas Swift
Also presented at the Sci-Mix session