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Dr Pavintorn Teratanatorn

Binding of bacteria by antibiotics functionalised polymer: mechanism of resction and developing of detection systems

PhD project supervised by Prof. S. Rimmer (Department of Chemistry) and Prof. C. W. I. Douglas (Department of Dentistry). Gained her doctorate in 2018.

Wound dressings are one of the most important primary treatments for protecting wounds from contamination and contact with other infected reservoirs. In order to develop the methods to investigate the progress of infected wounds and quantify the number of bacteria on the surface of wounds, alternative methods for treating infected wounds have to be developed. This work focuses on the development of a detection system for bacteria which have colonized infected wounds. This project uses an antibiotic functionalised polymer based on the highly branched poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) using nile red acrylate as a fluorescent probe used investigate the system.

Research Highlights: