Article: Effective Role of Magnetic Core-Shell Nanocomposites in Removing Organic Wastes from Water

We’re delighted to note an article has been published from our collaborators at Dhofur University, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan and the University of Sheffield published in the journal ‘Recent Patents on Nanotechnology’.

Affordable and efficient water treatment process to produce water free from various contaminants is a big challenge. The presence of toxic heavy metals, dyes, hazardous chemicals and other toxins cause contamination of water sources and our food chain and make them hazardous to living organisms. The current water treatment processes are no longer sustainable due to high cost and low efficiency. Due to advantageous properties, nanotechnology based materials can play a great role in increasing the efficiency of water treatment processes. Magnetic nanocomposites use nano as well as magnetic properties and have the potential to provide a sophisticated system to overcome most of the impurities present in water. There is diversity of magnetic nanocomposites, however presently we have focussed the core-shell magnetic nanocomposites because they have excellent magnetic and separation properties, stability, and good biocompatibility.We collected systematically the bibliographic data bases for peer-reviewed research literature focusing on the theme of our review. The Quality of the included research papers are selected by standard tools. A conceptual frame work is designed to arrange the topics and extracted the interventions and findings of the included studies.The overall study was divided in sections and each section incorporated the most appropriate literature citation. Total one hundred and eight references were included of which 32 references were used for basic description/introduction of core-shell magnetic nanocomposites. One review paper containing the synthesis methods for core shell magnetic nanocomposites is included while majority (76) of the references are included for comprehensive description of applications of the core-shell nanocomposites among which 25 were for dyes removal, 27 for hazardous metals, 07 for hazardous chemicals, 12 for pesticides and biological contaminants removal and five other including patents were added as miscellaneous substances removal from water sources. This review identified the effective role of core-shell magnetic nanocomposites for environmental remediation in terms of removal of various hazardous substances from water resources.The outcomes of the present review confirms that the magnetic core-shell nanocomposites provide a cost effective and efficient way for the removal of various toxic substances including dyes, heavy metals, toxic organic chemicals, pesticides and some biological contaminants from water sources.

You can find more information about this article at Bentham Science.