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Dr Richard Plenderleith

217e25596367e34ef2_l_49ab0Additives for Improved Properties of Biomaterials in Peripheral Nerve Repair

A PhD on polymer chemistry with Professor Stephen Rimmer and Dr. Frederik Claeyssesn [2010-2014]

The work undertaken has focused on producing additives which can be incorporated to preformulated, medically approved systems adding desirable properties. Peptide functionalised highly branched p(NIPAM) can be used to create semi interpenetrating polymer networks with increased biofunctinality. Biodegradeable photocureable units have been created which can be added to systems in the desired quantities which allow the degradation properties to be tailored.

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Selected Publications:

  1. R. Plenderleith, T. Swift and S. Rimmer, RSC Advances, 2014, 4, 50932-50937
  2. R. Plenderleith, C J Pateman, C Rodenburg, John Haycock, Frederik Claeyssens, Chris Sammon and Stephen Rimmer, Soft Matter, 2015, 11, 7576
  3. Q Wan, R A Plenderleith, M Dapor, S Rimmer, F Claeyssens and C Rodenburg, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2015, 644, 12018
  4. Thomas Swift, Richard Hoskins, Richard Telford, Richard Plenderleith, David Pownall, Stephen Rimmer, ,Journal of Chromatography A,

Selected Public Appearances:

  • 2014, Birax, 2nd BIRAX Regenerative Medicine Conference
  • 2013, APME Conference, University of Durham – Poster
  • 2013, Sheffield, talk, 7th Biomaterials Chemistry Group Meeting
  • 2012, Vienna, poster, TERMIS
  • 2011, Warwick, poster, RSC Biomaterials
  • 2011, Sheffield, talk, BITEG
  • 2010, Leeds, poster, BITEG

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