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Dr Andrew McKenzie

Integrated Studies of the Interactions of Macrophages with Synthetic Hydrogels

A White Rose Consortium Doctoral Training Centre for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative medicine PhD supervised by Prof Stephen Rimmer [2009-2013]

Andrew completed his undergrad in chemistry at Sheffield University, graduating with a masters in 2008. In his third year he studied at Oregon State University in Corvalis, Oregon, where he completed chemistry modules and did a small research project into photolithography and microfabrication of microfluidic devices. In his fourth year at Sheffield he completed a research project on modelling and investigating the aromaticity of transition states of some compounds.

In 2008 he joined the White Rose Consortium Doctoral Training Centre for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, on a multidisciplinary course to study for his PhD. The first year of this course involved working at the universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York, taking lectures and working in lab placements with members of academic staff across departments of mechanical engineering, biology, bioengineering, tissue engineering and polymer chemistry. During his PhD he worked with Tissuemed, a medical device company based in Leeds and received CASE funding for a year. He is now in the final stages of finishing off his PhD, which involves varying the surfaces and structures of hydrogels to examine the responses of immune cells, hopefully to investigate the interaction between immune system cells and synthetic biomaterials.

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Selected public appearances:

  • Jan 2010, 11th White Rose Biomaterial and Tissue Engineering Work in Progress meeting (BiTEG WIP), University of York – Poster
  • July 2010, 1st DTC joint conference, University of Loughborough – Poster and Presentation
  • July 2010, 43rd World Polymer Congress, Glasgow – Presentation
  • Dec 2010, 12th White Rose BiTEG WIP, University of Leeds – Poster
  • Jan 2011, RSC Biomaterials Group conference, University of Warwick – Poster
  • July 2011, 2nd DTC Joint conference, University of Leeds – Poster
  • Dec 2011, 13th White Rose BiTEG WIP, University of Sheffield- Poster
  • June 2012, 3rd DTC Joint conference, University of Keele – Poster
  • July 2012, DTC industry day, Weetwood Hall, University of Leeds – Presentation
  • 2012 September, Macro Young Researchers Meeting, University of Cambridge – Poster
  • Jan 2013, 7th Biomaterials Chemistry Group Meeting, Sheffield Hallam University – Poster

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