Past Members

Dr. Enas Hassan

Synthetic Hydrogels for Corneal Regeneration

An EPSRC funded Doctoral Training Center for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medice PhD supervised by Prof Stephen Rimmer, Prof Sheila Mac Neil  [2010-2014]

Before the joining the DTC program I studied biochemical engineering at UCL where during my final year I developed a keen interest in advanced therapy medicinal products, emphasis had shifted from scaling up biomolecules to entire cells and the interest in regenerative medicine continued. I later joined the DTC in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine program where I did 1 year of 3 lab placements in York, Sheffield and Leeds as well as a selection of other optional and compulsory modules. I then chose a cross disciplinary project at the university of Sheffield.
My PhD project aim was to develop a synthetic polymethacrylate based hydrogel that is capable of supporting corneal regeneration using limbal epithelial stem cells. The hydrogel material synthesis and optimisation was carried out in the polymer center and validation with rabbit limbal epithelial stem cells and limbal tissue was carried out in the Kroto institute.

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