Past Members

Dr. Laura Platt

The Development of an Improved Ion Transfer Material for Use in an Electrochemical Cell

Supervised by Professor Stephen Rimmer, Dr Patrick Fairclough (Department of Chemistry) and Dr Kris Hyde (ITM Power). E-Futures Doctoral Training Centre (EPSRC Funded) with Sponsorship from ITM Power [2010-2013]

Proton exchange membrane fuel cells and electrolysers can be used as an alternative form of clean, efficient alternative energy technology. The polymer membrane component is integral to the working of the cell. This project looks at ionomer membranes suitable for this application, from the synthesis stage through to testing in devices.

Research interests include, emulsion polymerisations, RAFT polymerisations, hyperbranched polymers, polyurethanes and membrane fabrication. PhD study has involved the use of standard polymer characterisation techniques, for example, GPC, as well as tests specifically aimed at look for robust ionomer materials.

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Controlled delivery of cytokine growth factors mediated by core-shell particles with poly(acrylamidomethylpropane sulphonate) shells, L. Platt, L. Kelly, S. Rimmer, J. Mater. Chem. B, 2, 494-501 (2014)