Past Members

Dr. Munira Shahbuddin

Development of konjac glucomannan hydrogel for wound healing.

Professor Sheila MacNeil and Professor Stephen Rimmer. [2009-2013]

The research presented in this thesis explores the potential uses of KGM and the development of KGM containing hydrogels for wound healing applications. The work involved characterization of five different species of Amorphophallus and investigating the  biological
activity of KGM and  different molecular weight fractions of KGM on skin cells. KGM stimulated fibroblast (but not keratinocyte) proliferation and these effect were influenced by the species, Glc:Man ratio, % of glucomannan, molecular weight and the treatments of KGM.

Publications by Munira Shahbuddin:
Glucomannan-poly(N-vinyl pyrrolidinone) bicomponent hydrogels for wound healing, M. Shahbuddin, A. Bullock, S. MacNeil, S. Rimmer, J. Mater. Chem. B, 2013,, Accepted Manuscript
High molecular weight plant heteropolysaccharides stimulate fibroblasts but inhibit keratinocytes M. Shahbuddin, D. Shahbuddin, A. Bullock, H. Ibrahim, S. Rimmer, S. MacNeil, Carbohydrate Research, 375, 90-99