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Dr Prodip Sarker

New energetic binders and other novel materials via radical ring-opening polymerisation of chemically functional vinylcyloalkanes

Post Doctoral Research Fellow working with Dr. S Rimmer, funded by the EPSRC and the MoD  [2003-2006], then Research Scientist for Farapack Polymers UK LTD [2006 – 2011].


The aim of this project is to prepare, by radical ring-opening polymerisation (RROP), and to fully characterise a range of novel chemically reactive polyalkenamers, and to assess the performances of these as reactive components for the construction of energetic binders and other functional materials.
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Above: Schematic of the radical ring-opening polymerisation (RROP) technique.With this in mind, we have planned to synthesise a group of vinyl cyclopropanes and cyclobutanes substituted by electron withdrawing ester groups that can be converted to hydroxyl groups and then to nitrate these groups by reacting them with N2O5. Homo and co-polymerisation of these vinyl cyclopropanes and cyclobutanes will be accomplished using a free radical initiator, e.g. azobisisobutyronitrile and bezoyl peroxide, both in solution and bulk within the temperature range 60°-80°C. Homo and copolymerisation of these vinylcycloalkanes will also be accomplished in emulsion using potassium persulfate (KPS) as an initiator and sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) as an emulsifying agent at 70°C.

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Selected publications

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