Past Members

Dmitrijs Limonovs

Development of Novel Tissue Constructs Using Hydrogel-3D Stem Cell Technologies

An EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre TERM PhD based at the University of York with Doctor Paul Geneva in collaboration with Prof. Rimmer at the University of Sheffield [2010-2013]

In vivo, cells of all organs reside in 3D environment and being constantly exposed to multiple chemical and simultaneous mechanical stimuli. This also applies to the cells of interest in this project – human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs).

In order to recreate the 3D environment to which MCSs are exposed in vivo, novel highly-branched polymer hydrogels are being studied in this project. Ability of these polymers to undergo reversible solution-gel transition, as well as possibility of functianalisation with peptide sequences and growth factor encapsulation makes MSC-hydrogel composites very promising for tissue engineering and regeneration purposes.

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