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Dr James William Lapworth

Thermo-responsive, peptide-functional materials for cell-culture

PhD project supervised by Dr. S Rimmer and Prof. P.V. Hatton, and funded by the EPSRC [2005-2008].


The project involves synthesis of novel peptide-functional monomers and subsequent co-polymerisation to give thermo-responsive polymers which are potentially useful as cell-culture materials.

Short peptide-sequences are produced using solid-phase peptide synthesis and incorporated into polymers with controlled molecular weight and architecture, afforded by RAFT polymerisation.

Lapworth Peptide Attachment

Above: Polymerisation scheme for a peptide functionalised polymer; work sponsored by the EPSRC.

Publications by James Lapworth

Public Appearances:

  • Lapworth, J.W. Peptide-functional poly(N-isopropylacrylamides) – Poster at Macro 2006 (Warwick, UK)

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