Past Members

Dr Joyleen Collier

Porous Acrylic Conetworks

PhD project supervised by Dr. Steve Rimmer and Prof. Sheila MacNeil, and funded by the EPSRC [2004-2007]


This project involves the preparation of methacrylate amphiphilic conetworks that are porous and excellent substrates for cell adhesion and proliferation. The use of monomer starve-fed emulsion polymerization has been adopted to synthesise copolymers of Butadiene and Butyl methacrylate. Ozonolysis of these alkene containing polymers to give reactive oligomers has been utilised to synthesise non-toxic oligomers that are linked together into a porous network. Nanoscale hydrogel channels allow for good transport of nutrients whilst gross phase separation during synthesis produces large pores for cell entry.